About this index:
The book, "Van Buren County Birth Records - 1867-1871", was first published in 1998 by the Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society.  The
book is no longer available to purchase, so we have decided to post it here for public viewing.  Please be aware that the VBRGS still holds the
copyright on the book.  You may not copy this information for re-sale or link to it for a site that requires payment.

Van Buren County Birth Records 1867-1871 is the first of a series of books of the county births.  The State of Michigan began recording birth
in 1867, as well as deaths.

It may be noted that the omission of a birth from the recorded records does not mean misinformation.
There is a fairly high rate of unrecorded births in the early years of Michigan's vital records.  It is recommenced that a search be made at all
three level of government, i.e., local, county and state, as in some cases different registers have survived.  This book represents those births
recorded at the county level.

As with any abstract from original handwritten records, misinterpretation of handwriting is possible.  The compilers made their best attempt at
deciphering writing.

Note that these abstracted records are meant to be a guide only, and not to be cited as original documentation.  The original registers should
always be consulted for additional information.

VBRGS Birth Record Committee,
Judy Grime
Joan Jaco
Toni Benson

Thank you to Scott Stranger for alphabetizing these records.

How to obtain a non-certified copy of an original record:

Anyone with access to the original county records may easily locate anyone listed in this index using the page number provided.

Visit the Local History Department  
and obtain a copy of the record for a copy fee of $.15 per page.  Digital cameras are not permitted.
                                                                                 Van Buren District Library
                                                                                Webster Memorial Library
                                                                                         200 N. Phelps St.
                                                                                             Decatur, MI

Use Pay Pal:
Non-certified copies of the original record may be ordered for a $4.00 retrieval and copy fee.
Include the full name, date of birth and page number with the request.

By Mail:
Non-certified copies of the original record may be ordered  for a $3.00 retrieval and copy fee for each record requested.  
To order a non-certified copy of a birth record(s) send your request (include name, date of birth and page number), a self-addressed stamped
envelope and a check or money order made out to the Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society and mail it to:
                                                                       Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society
                                                                                                  P.O. Box 143
                                                                                             Decatur, MI  49045

                                               For questions or additional information email localhistory@vbdl.org

                                       All requests are handled by volunteers and will be mailed as soon as possible.